2017 Bronze Members

Larry and Sandra Anderson
Tom and Janet Bailey
Rebecca Banashak
William and Lisa Bandelier
Jim & Cherie Belknap
Michael & Kathryn Berlin
Becky Brauneller
Dave & Deb Burcham, Steve & Joanna Fox 
Elnora Burton
David and Debbie Butcher
Karen Callahan
Dennis and Carol Campbell
Donna Cannedy
John and Cindy Carr
Gloria Carvey
Patricia Clary
Julia Conners
William and Barbara Cooper
Nedra Wilson Coplen
Kathy and Gary Crist
Marilyn Curran
Colleen Curran
Janet Daake
Ray and Phyllis Dausman
Garry Davis
Marvin and Carolyn Davis
Ken and Julie DeMano
Jerry Dible
Bob and Linda Dishon
Glenn Doeing
Jeff and Teresa Drinkard
Les and Debbie Dumoulin
Larry and Jeaneene Durham
Gregg Durham
Klaus and Sandy Eck
Pat andTom Eddy
Ted and Markie Edwards
E Joan Eller
 Fansler Lumber Co.
Lana Louderback Fritts
John Garrett
Charlie Garrison
Mike and Bonnie Gibson
Betty Goodman
Susan Green
Virginia Green
Dennis Grossnickle
Paul and Patricia Grube
Dale Hamilton
Blake and Molly Hardesty
Anne Harger
Lyle and Jacky Hawkins
Tony and Marcy Hayden
Steve/M Kremer Herr
 Hiatt Construction
Howard and Sara Hoffman
Randal & Patricia Holler
Doug and Laura Holman
Jim and Alice Hoover
Marty and Jan Houlihan
Harry and Pat Howell
Orval Huffman
Richard and Ann Kain
Keith and Patricia Keim
John and MaryBeth Kerlin
Rod and Sharon Allport Kerr
Donald and Jessica Koziel
Susan Landgrave
Randall and Alona Leininger
Mary Lipsett
Andrew Lytle
Joe Martin
Basil Mawbey
Rich and Liz McClure
Kenneth and Joan McCune
Jim McKnight
Bruce and Jill Meiser
Larry E. Mikesell
David and Charlotte Miller
Rajashree Mohanty
Todd Montel
Jim and Nancy Mooney
William Morris
Dave and Connie Mygrant
Tom and Marilyn Neuhauser
Jim and Linda Newell
Bill and Jody Newton
Ron Nye
Jerry and Sally Oconnor
M J O'Sullivan
Judith Overmyer
Deborah L Parkhurst
Pat  Piper
Buddy and LeeAnn Pollock
Shelbie and Vic Post
Diane Prior
Jill Pugh
Dennis Rayburn
Stan and Kathy Rebber
Karmin Reeves
Shane and Lisa Reffett
Rick/Tamy Valiquet Reinbold
Stan and Judy Robinson
 Rochester  Boat Company
Jerry and Sharon Roe
Kurt Rothman
Ann Schneiders
Lukas and Stacey Schoenhals
John and Helen Shiffer
Birja Short
Steve/Emma Rudovsky Siblisk
Steve and Susan Skidmore
Mark and Jayne Smiley
Corbett and Camille Smith
Thomas Smith
Cliff and Nikki St.Martin
Rudy and Sharon Stafford
Chris and Cathy Stathopoulos
Bob and Liz Summers
Bruce and Lisa Touloukian
Becky Vamos
Wayne and Mary Ellen Welchko
Christy Wells
Herm/Pam Mayer Werkman
Steve and Linda White
Gary and Cathy Wilkinson
Virginia Willis
Tim Zimmer

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