CONSTITUTION AND BYLAWS Lake Manitou Association Inc. Rochester,
Indiana CONSTITUTION Article I. Name - The name of this organization shall
be Lake Manitou Association Inc., hereinafter designated as the Association.
Article II. Purpose – The purpose of the Association is to promote further
understanding of Lake Manitou and its watersheds; the ecosystem of which it
is a part; and its protection, restoration, and management. Article III.
Objectives --The objectives of the Association are: Section 1. To facilitate the
exchange of information on all aspects of the proper management of Lake
Manitou and its resources. Section 2. To promote through education a public
awareness of Lake Manitou’s ecosystem. Section 3. To encourage public
support for national, state or local programs that promote management of
Lake Manitou. Section 4. To identify needs and encourage research on the
ecology and watershed management of Lake Manitou. Section 5. To provide
a forum for residents and others interested in Lake Manitou's preservation to
express, their concerns regarding lake management; and to act upon those
concerns. Article IV. Membership --The membership of the Association shall
consist of individual households and organizations whose interests are
consistent with the objectives of the Association. Artic1e V. Board of Directors
Section 1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of
Directors, hereinafter designated as the Board, under such rules as the
Board may determine, subject to the specific conditions of this Constitution
and Bylaws. Section 2. The Board shall consist of a maximum of seventeen
(17) Directors to be elected by the membership of the Association. A Director
must be a current paid member of the Association. Section 3. Officers of the
Board shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all
of whom shall be elected by the Board at its first meeting following the annual
meeting. Section.4. The annual Meeting of the membership of the Association
shall be held no later than July 1. Lake Manitou Association Inc.
CONSTITUTION (Continued) Article VI. Officers' Duties Section 1. The
President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Association,
shall preside at all meetings of the Board, shall appoint members of all
committees, and shall serve as ex-officio member of al1 committees. The
President shall sign all contracts approved by the Board of Directors, and
shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Board. Section 2.
The Vice President shall assist the President and preside at all meetings of
the Board in the absence of the President. He/she shall act as President in
the event of the resignation of the President and shall perform such other
duties as may be assigned by the Board. The Vice President shall also serve
as Parliamentarian and ensure that all member and board meetings are
conducted according to “Robert’s Rules of Order” and according to the
bylaws. Section 3. The Secretary shall prepare minutes of all meetings of the
Association. He/she shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by
the Board. Section 4. The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate list of
members of the Association; in addition he/she shall be responsible for the
financial affairs of the Association by receiving all funds paid to the
Association and paying all bills incurred by it, as authorized by the Board.
He/she shall make a report at the Annual Meeting of the membership of the
Association on the financial affairs of the Association, as well as at the regular
meetings of the Board. The Treasurer of the Association shall be bonded and
such bond shall be paid by the Association. He/she shall perform such other
duties as may be assigned by the Board. Article VII. Amendments Section 1.
Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by a majority of the Board,
or by written petition of at least ten (10) percent of the members of the
Association. Section 2. Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the
entire membership at least thirty (30) days before the date of the Annual
Meeting of the Association. . Section 3. Amendments may be adopted by two-
thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present and voting on written ballots at
the Annual Meeting. Lake Manitou Association Inc. BYLAWS Section A.
Activities – The Association will endeavor to undertake the organization and
direction of all activities that will promote the proper utilization of Lake Manitou’
s resources; in addition the Association will seek means to achieve and
preserve improvement in the water quality of the lake. Section B. Membership
Categories --The Association is open to all individuals and organizations
which share a common commitment to the improvement and preservation of
Lake Manitou's environment. Each member, whether an individual household
or an organization shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual Meeting upon
payment of dues, the amounts of which shall be established by the Board of
Directors along with dues term and schedule of payment. Section C. Meetings
of the Board – The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly, or on
additional call by the President. At board meetings a quorum shall consist of a
majority of board members. Section D. Rules of Order – All meetings of the
Association and of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with the latest
edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order.” Section E -- Committees --Standing
Committees of the Association shall be Nominating Committee, Budget and
Finance Committee, Publicity Committee, Membership-Fund Raising
Committee and such other committees as the Board may see fit to establish.
The Board also may establish such ad hoc committees as may be needed to
accomplish specific tasks of the Association. Section F -- Nominations and
Elections Subsection 1. Nominations for Directors for the following year shall
be made by the Nominating Committee before the Annual Meeting of the
membership of the Association. The Board shall approve nominations for
presentation to the membership. Subsection 2. Directors shall be elected by
the majority vote of all members of the Association attending the Annual
Meeting. Nominations for Directors can be made from the floor of the Annual
Meeting by members. Subsection 3. Terms of each Director shall be for three
years, but staggered so that only one-third are to be elected yearly.
Subsection 4. The terms of Officers shall be for one (1) year, or until their
successors are elected and qualified. Directors' terms are as stated in the
Bylaws, or until their successors are elected and qualified. Section G.
Vacancies – The President shall fill any vacancies on the Board of Directors
by appointment. Section H. Compensation – The Board and Officers shall
serve without pay. Section I. Fiscal Year – The fiscal year of the Association
shall end on June 30th of each year. Section J. Non-Profit Status – The
Association shall be organized as a non-profit corporation in accordance with
appropriate state and federal laws. Lake Manitou Association Inc. BYLAWS
(Continued) Section K. Amendments – The Bylaws may be amended by two-
thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting at any Annual Meeting of the
Association. If notice of the Bylaw amendments was provided at least thirty
(30) days prior to the Annual Meeting, a majority of those present and voting
shall be required to adopt amendments. Section L. Bylaw Review – The
Bylaws shall be reviewed annually by a committee appointed by the president
no later than 120 days prior to the annual meeting.

News & Events 8.18.17

Channel Dredging to Begin

You may have noticed mobilization of a barge and giant excavator onto Ford's Court this past week.  Dredging of the inlet to the 3rd channel is set to begin next week.  The spoils and sediment material will be removed from the lake and put on the barge then transported to the empty lot owned by Ed Lanuti at 2101 Ford’s Court where a second excavator will offload the material from the barge into a sealed truck to be hauled offsite. This process will continue until 1889 cubic yards of material has been removed. This will leave the nearly impassable channel 3.5’ deep by 35’ wide and 300’ long!  Please be patient and avoid this area while contractors are working, if possible.  Thank you LMA for continuing to improve our wonderful lake.

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Local News 8.21.17

Health Dept.: West Nile virus tests positive here

Three pools of mosquitoes tested by the Indiana State Department of Health came back positive for West Nile virus in Fulton County, according to a Fulton County Health Department press release. Local health officials are reminding residents to stay...

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