2017 Silver Members

Max and Cam Adams
Jay and Dawn Albright
Mike ,Linda, Katy, & Erik Anderson
Milam and Betty Anderson
John and Diane Bailey
Tom and Sue Bair
Wendell Bearss
Alex and Lindsey Berlin
David and Mina Bobel
Nick and Miriam Bokan
Michael    Boldry
Glenn and Janellyn Borden
Max and Janey Borden
Kenn & Karen Brandt
John and Elaine Briggs
Jack and Phyllis Brown
William and Eloise Brown
Jean Brown
Gary and Christy Bryant
Shelby Bryant
James and Dorthy Cain
Mary Ellen Carey
Gus and Cathy Ciresi
Mark and Jan Colip
 Colonial Bay Condo Assoc
Angela Condon
David Cook
Stephen Cox
Bryan and Lora Dishon
Anita DuBois
David and Carol Ellenwood
Dick and Helen Enyart
Venetia Faulkenberg
Doug and Carolyn Freeman
Peter and Renee Frenger
Dean and Karen Friermood
Bill and family Garrison
Greg and Therese German
Greg and Debbie Glass
Jeri Good
Patrick and Lisa Goodman
Steve and Carol Gottschalk
John and Marcia Graft
Al and Leslie Gratton
Jeffrey and Pam Greer
Gregory Farm Village 
Gene and Kim Grzegorski
Mike Habig
Bill Hardesty
Randy and Joyce Hardesty
Alice Hardesty
Lynn and Jan Harrison
Steve and Catherine Hartwig
Sandy Hatten
Terry and Jane Heltzel
Phil and Marilyn Hickey
Ron and Janet Holcomb
Bob and Kim Hoppes
Teresa Houser
Steve and Janet Hurley
Wayne and Joanna Jana
Fredrick and Joyce Jones
Bill and Kathy King
William and Bonnie Kintigh
Suzanne and Keith Kolb
Mark and Karen Koten
Ron and Donna Kuehl
Ed and Judy Kunkle
Ed and Terri Lanuti
Phil and Cyndi Leffel
John and Sue Little
Jim and Pam Loebig
Mary Ellen Lowe
Tim and Patty Lowe
Tom and Maureen Martin
Mike and Joyce Mattingly
Phil and Katie McCarter
Mike and Julie McCool
Bill and Marian McGrane
Chris and Patty McGuire
Patricia Middleton
Kent and Carolyn Mills
Leon and Marcia Moore
Tom and Peggy Moore
Steve and Mary Ann Moore
David and Sharon Morris
Denny and Bonnie Moss
Larry and Kay Murhling
Lance and Michele Nelson
Trent Odell
Jerry and Lois Odell
Stan and Jody Ortman
Sandra Ott
Jim and Jeanne Scott Parsons
Dan and Debbie Pedzinski
Steve and Joyce Miler Pischalko
Jack and Carol Politz
Bill and JoAnn Randall
Charlie and Becky Reed
Tom and Kathy Rethlake
John and Nancy Rhodes
Doug and Mimi Riffle
Greg and Karen Robinson
Bob and Debbie Roth
Larry and Dianne Ruch
Kory and Amy Rupley
Robert Ryan
Argyle and Barbara Savage
Paul and Julie Schneiders
Michael and Judy Smith
Corbett and Camille Smith
Carol Stewart
 Story Landing Event Center
Alan and Linda Terrell
Mike and Penny Terrone
Jeff and Shannon Ulrich
Brian Vandenbossche
Deanna Vandenbossche
John and Carol Walker
Gary and Beth Washburn
Bob and Nancy Weaver
Harry Webb
Joe and Lynn Williams
Kiel Williams
Chris and Maura Williamson
Sarah and Bill Wilson
Matt and Ashley Yearling
 As of 11/16/17

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