Aquatic Plant Life

For the second year in a row, the Lake Manitou Association Board of Directors has contracted with Clarke Aquatic Systems to monitor the plant life in our lake.  Clarke performed a series of samplings in 2016 and is again hired to monitor our aquatic growth in 2017.  So far they have seen a healthy comeback of native plantlife following the last few years of hydrilla treatment.  We are excited to engage with these experts in the field of aquatic plant life-

Clarke Aquatic Goals for Lake Manitou:

To enhance and preserve the natural balance of the lake in the most environmentally-friendly manner so you and your community can enjoy the recreational and aesthetic value of your lake to the fullest. 

"We want to encourage native vegetation to reestablish itself back in the lake so that exotic invasive species have less of a chance to take over the lake as it has in the past.  Water quality, clarity and fish habitat will all improve once more native species are introduced.  This will happen naturally with time and our job is to monitor what species are coming back, the density and the locations.  If exotic invasive species are found, we will target those plants only to ensure we do not disturb the natural habitat." -Joe Haufle, Aquatic Specialist, Midwest, Clarke Aquatic

Video from Clarke Aquatic-

A series of three separate samplings were perfomed in 2016 to measure the species and growth rate of plant life in Lake Manitou.  The results were very favorable.  A summary of Clarke's findings is below.  The Plant Life Sampling (Aquatic Vegitation Summary Sheet) shows the names of weeds found and densities.  The Plant Life Map is a visual of these findings.  You can see the progression of growth throughout Summer 2016.  2017 data should be available from Clarke soon: 

May 2016 Clarke Plant Life Sampling

May 2016 Plant Life Map

July 2016 Clarke Plant Life Sampling

July 2016 Plant Life Map

August 2016 Plant Life Sampling

August 2016 Plant Life Map

Clarke Aquatic Summary 2016

News & Events 8.18.17

Channel Dredging to Begin

You may have noticed mobilization of a barge and giant excavator onto Ford's Court this past week.  Dredging of the inlet to the 3rd channel is set to begin next week.  The spoils and sediment material will be removed from the lake and put on the barge then transported to the empty lot owned by Ed Lanuti at 2101 Ford’s Court where a second excavator will offload the material from the barge into a sealed truck to be hauled offsite. This process will continue until 1889 cubic yards of material has been removed. This will leave the nearly impassable channel 3.5’ deep by 35’ wide and 300’ long!  Please be patient and avoid this area while contractors are working, if possible.  Thank you LMA for continuing to improve our wonderful lake.

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Local News 8.21.17

Health Dept.: West Nile virus tests positive here

Three pools of mosquitoes tested by the Indiana State Department of Health came back positive for West Nile virus in Fulton County, according to a Fulton County Health Department press release. Local health officials are reminding residents to stay...

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