Buoy Program

The Lake Manitou Association implemented a new buoy program in 2017 and now installation, placement, and maintenance of the buoys will be managed by a hired contractor.  This year's contract was awarded to Bryant Lake and Lawn Services.  They will be responsible for managing all perimeter buoys throughout the 2017 boating season. 


Indiana law states that watercraft must maintain idle speed within 200' of all shorelines.  White cylinder upright buoys will be placed at specific points around the perimeter of the lake to help with night time navigation (some will have LED lights on top) and the orange buoys will be the intermediates to warn boaters of this 200' zone.  Again, DNR enforcement is based on the 200' mark, not necessarily the buoy placement so always play it safe when you're close to shore.  Idling inside the buoys parallel to shore is also prohibitive; always travel perpendicular to the shoreline when entering or exiting docks.


Included with this new program is the installation of 20 more buoys to better define the 43 acre NO MOTOR ZONE Prairie.  This shallow water area directly east of the Moose Lodge is restricted from any motor traffic in an effort to grow important aquatic plants. 

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