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Spider Beware
Chuck Dunnuck

Agnew, Gregory & Jackie
Anderson, Kenny and Julie
Black, Jr., Thomas & Joanne
Boyce, Scot and Jo
Brown, Dwight
Caltrider, Steve and Sally
Cates, Don & Rae
Chase, Jim & Debra
Ewen, J.R. and Karen
Gingerich, Rex and Kara
Good Family Funeral Home
Good, Joyce
Green, James and Lena
Grube, Jason and Kelly
Hardesty  Printing Co.
Harrison, Lynn and Jan
Heavilin, James and Helen
Klinkhamer, Jeff (State Farm)
Knochel, Wayne and Mary
Koten, Jane
Lakeshore Court, Inc.
Lernihan, Greg and Marybeth
Lewis, Mooch and Barbara
Marschand, Todd & Kim
McCarter, Phil (B&B)
Moore, Leon & Marcia
Ortman, Stan & Jody
Pietz, Jacquelyn
Rose, Thomas & Nancy
Schoop, Mark and Lois
Shepherd, Robert
Smith, Corbett & Camille
Smith, Martin
Spider Beware! LLC
Struck, Ted and Jean
Weiher, Michael and Carol
Wilkinson, Lester and Lynn
Wright, Andrew


Albright, Jay and Dawn
Allport, Sharon
Anderson, Milam and Betty
Antonelli, Kay
Armey, Dinah
Bair, Tom & Sue
Bearss, Wendall and Maxine
Becker, Dale & Norma
Betcher, Nancy
Bitzer, Roger & Carol
Bobel, David & Mina
Bohs, Gordon and Ruth
Borden, Max and Janey
Bozzo, Robert and Anna
Brandt, Kenn & Karen
Briggs, John and Elaine
Brosius, David & Pauline
Brothers, Robert and Marilyn
Brown, Jack and Phyllis
Brown, William and Eloise
Cabiness, Mary J.
Cain, James and Dorothy
Campbell, Shawn R, & Alyssa
Cannedy, Robert and Debbie
Carvey,  Gloria
Caywood, Robert
Ciresi, August
Clay, Kim and Pam
Colonial Bay Condo Assoc.
Cox, Steve and Suzan
Culver Marina
Damron, David
Davis, Garry
DeVries,  Ken & Ruth
Dinken, Stu and Emmalou
Dishon, Bryan and Lora
Dishon, Joseph and Lori
DuBois, Howard and Anita
Enyart, Richard and Helen
Farley, Robert and Nola
Farley, Roger and Simone
Freeman, Doug  & Carolyn
Fritts, James
Fulton County Econ.Dev. Corp.
Furnivall, Steve and Ann
Garrison, W. R. and Nelda
Gehrich, Harry and Natalie
Goble, Scott & Leanne
Good, Jeri
Gottschalk, Steve and Carol
Graham, Ken and Sunday
Graybiel, Charles and Carol
Green, John D.
Greer, Jeffrey and Pamela
Gregory Farm Village
Grzegorski, Gene and Kim
Habig, Mike
Hanaway, Gene and Vera
Hardesty, Alice
Hardesty, Bill and Barbara
Hayes, Mitchell & Candy
Henderson, Paul and Juleen
Hiatt, David
Hickey, Phil and Marilyn
Higgins, Charlene
Hoffman, Howard and Sara
Hoffman, James and Dianne
Hoffman, Monte and Debbie
Holcomb, Ronald and Janet
Holihan, Don & Loretta
Hoppes, Robert and Kim
Houlihan, Martin and Jan
Huffman, Orv
Jana, Wayne and Joanna
Jansen, James and Beverly
Karch, Marsha
Kerr, Rodney
Kintigh, William and Bonnie
Kmiecik, Nanette,
Kolb, Keith and Suzanne
Kring, William and Margy
Kronberg, Edith
Ladendorf, Daniel
Lanuti, Edward and Terri
Lasecki, Ronald & Mary Lu
Leffel, Phil & Cyndi
Lehman, Shane and Julie
Leininger, J. Randall and Alona
Little, John
Loebig, James and Pamela
Lowe, Robert and Mary Ellen
Madden, Mike & Patty
Manitou Lodge #1107 of the Moose
Martin, Tom and Maureen
Mattingly, Mike and Joyce
Mawbey, Basil and Eileen
McClelland, Scott
McGrane, Bill and Marian
Middleton, Patricia
Mills, J. Kent and Carolyn
Montalvo, Rich & Suzie
Moore, Naomi
Moore, Steve
Moore, Tom & Peggy
Morris, Bill
Morris, David & Sharon
Moss, Dennis & Bonnie
Murhling, Larry and Kay
Musselman, Larry and Cheryl
O'Connor, Jeremiah and Sally
Odell, Jerry and Lois
Ortman, Mark
O'Sullivan, Gary and Mary
Ott, Sandra
Paperless Business LLC
Parkway Body Shop
Pat's landing
Pedzinski, Dan & Debbie
Perkins, Andy and Teresa
Prosser, Robert & Inez
Quinn, Ed and Martha
Ralstin, Adrian
Randall, William and JoAnn
Reffett, Lisa & Shawn
Renie, Tim & Donna
Richardson, Ina
Roberts, Lori
Robinson, Greg and Karen
Rochester Sentinel
Ronk, Dan and Beth
Roth,  Robert & Deborah
Ruch, Larry and Dianne
Ryan, Robert and Patti
Schnieders, Paul & Julia
Short, Jerome and Birja
Shubat, John and Shari
Sink, William and Nancy
Smith, Ronald and Maurine
Snyder, James and Connie
Sokolowski, Daniel and Dianne
Sparks, Larry & Kate
Stewart, Carol
Stucker, Max and Barbara
Sullivan, Pat and Beth
Terrell, Alan and Linda
Terrone, Michael and Penny
Thompson, Larry & Melissa
Thonn, Tim & Jodie
Ulrich, Jeff and Shannon
Ulrich, Lawrence and Bernice
Wade, Alan & Marilyn
Walker, John & Carol
Warner, Norman and Doris
Washburn, Gary and Beth
Weaver, Robert and Nancy
Webster, Thomas and Linda
Williams, Joe & Lynn
Wilson, William & Sarah
Zartman, Luke and Krista

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Action Realtors, LLC
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Apt, Dave and Judy
Azbell, Darle
Bailey, John
Banashak, Edward and Rebecca
Bandelier, William and Lisa
Barnette, Buddy and Carol
Battistella, John
Belknap, Jim & Cherie
Berlin, Mike & Kathy
Bill & Kathy Kaytar
Bishop, Michael and Gayle
Brauneller, Marion
Bridge, Robert and Carol
Bryant, Gary and Christy
Burchan, Dave  & Deb
Cain, Jack
Callahan, Joanne
Callahan, Karen
Callahan, Kary & Carolyn
Cannedy, Gene and Donna
Carvey-Schoenhals, Stacey
Christ, John and Victoria
Clary, Patricia
Conners, Julia
Cook, John
Cooper, William
Cotner,  Richard
Craig, Judy
Crist, Gary and Kathy
Curran, Colleen
Curran, Marilyn
Daniels, Zanna
Darling, Patricia
Dausman, Ray & Phyllis
DeMano, Kenneth and Julie
Dezelan, Daniel & Karen
Dible, Jerry
Dimond, Bob and Carol
Dishon, Robert and Linda
Doeing, Glenn
Downing, Michael
Drinkard, Jeff and Theresa
Dumoulin, Les & Debbie
Dunwoody, Dwight & Sally
Durham, Larry and Jeanenne
Eck, Klaus and Sandra
Edwards, Ted and Markie
Evans, Brent
Farrington, Stephen and Linda
Fern, Keith and Barbara
Fox, Robert and Joanna
Galbraith, Delores Ann
Garrett, John & Kay
Garrison, Charles and Linda
Gibson, Mike and Bonnie
Goodman, Betty
Graft, John & Marcia
Gratton, Albert &  Leslie
Green, Brian & Janelle
Green, Virginia
Grossnickle, Dennis & Christi
Hall, Gary and Betty
Hall, Keith and Sally
Harger, Robert and Anne
Harley, Wilfred
Hatten, Sandy
Haun, Betty
Hawkins, Lyle and Jacquelyn
Herr, Emmett and Karen
Heyde, James
Hickey, James
Holman, Doug and Laura
Hoover, James and Alice
Hornstein, Gwen
Houser, Teresa
Howell, Harry & Pat
John and Nancy Rhodes
Kain, Richard and Elizabeth
Kerlin, John
Krugman, Noble
Kunkle, Ed and Judy
Lakotich, Gary and Nancy
Landske, Bill and Sue
Leeman, Hugh and Emmy
Lipsett, Mary F.
Louderback, Lana
Lytle, Andy & Dawn
Malott, Jim, Marilyn
McKinney, Charles and Joyce
Meiser, Bruce & Jill
Mike Anderson
Mikesell, Larry and Connie
Miller, Dale and Fran
Miller, David and Charlotte
Moore, David & Nancy
Moore's Rentals, William
Mygrant, David and Connie
Newell, Jim & Linda
Newton, Bill and Jody
Nye, Ronald
O'Brien, James and Colleen
Overmyer, Judith
Pischalko, Steve and Joyce
Pottenger, Paul
Prior, Diane
Pugh, Kevin & Jill
Pyke, Phyllis
Pylman, Jacob & Diana
Rebber, Stanley and Kathy
Reeves,  Karmin
Reinbold, Rick
Reklau, Gary & Mary Ann
Rethlake, Tom & Kathy & T.J.
Robertson, Betty
Robinson, Stan & Judy
Rochester /Lake Manitou Chamber of Commer
Roe,  Jerry & Sharon
Roe,  Mike & Cathy
Ryan, Thomas and Mary Ellen
Savage, Argyle and Barbara
Schalliol, Jim & Kace
Scott,  Jeanne
Shafer, Mark & Theresa
Sherrier Dolack, Bobbie & Josepj Dolack
Shiffer, John and Helen
Skidmore, Steve & Susan
Smiley, Mark and Jayne
Smith, Alvia and Sula
Snipes, Carlene
Stafford, Rudy and Sharon
Sturm, John
Summers, Robert & Liz
Suptela, Nicole & Paul
Suwalski, Chuck
Townsend, Harold and Georgia
Vandenbossche, Mike and Sandy
Washburn, Jack and Eileen
Weiske, Orville and Lois
Wells, Christine
White, Steve & Linda
Wilk, Raymond and Vicky
Willis, Virgina
Wilson - Campbell
Wilson, Imogene
Wyman, Charles & Pat
Zorn, Chris
Zwolinski, Robert

News & Events 8.18.17

Channel Dredging to Begin

You may have noticed mobilization of a barge and giant excavator onto Ford's Court this past week.  Dredging of the inlet to the 3rd channel is set to begin next week.  The spoils and sediment material will be removed from the lake and put on the barge then transported to the empty lot owned by Ed Lanuti at 2101 Ford’s Court where a second excavator will offload the material from the barge into a sealed truck to be hauled offsite. This process will continue until 1889 cubic yards of material has been removed. This will leave the nearly impassable channel 3.5’ deep by 35’ wide and 300’ long!  Please be patient and avoid this area while contractors are working, if possible.  Thank you LMA for continuing to improve our wonderful lake.

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Local News 8.21.17

Health Dept.: West Nile virus tests positive here

Three pools of mosquitoes tested by the Indiana State Department of Health came back positive for West Nile virus in Fulton County, according to a Fulton County Health Department press release. Local health officials are reminding residents to stay...

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