Mission Statement


The purpose of the Association is to promote further understanding of Lake Manitou and its watersheds; the ecosystem of which it is a part; and its protection, restoration, and management.

We strive to: 

  • PROTECT the quality of our environment, particularly the quality of our lake.
  • KEEP the membership informed of new and changing community issues.
  • COOPERATE with and assist local government and civic organizations with programs of value to this area.
  • REPRESENT our membership in matters of common interest with the appropriate branches of government.
  • SECURE united action in the protection of the property of its members, where appropriate.
  • BEAUTIFY our area by encouraging beautification in common areas of the community.
  • PROVIDE social and recreational activities for our members.
  • ENCOURAGE tax deductible contributions to the LMA to fund special projects.

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Annual LMA Dues

Annual LMA Membership Dues should be paid by the end of January. Click HERE to process your donation now. 


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