The Prairie

In an effort to maintain a healthy lake, it is imperative that we rebuild the plant life in Lake Manitou.  The 43-acre “Prairie” located east of the Moose Lodge was dedicated as a No-Motor zone several years ago in an effort to create a plant filled area for fish to bed.  At one time, this naturally shallow area was full of bull reeds and eelgrass and was easily identified as an area for motorists to avoid.  We need these plants to grow back in the Prairie!  The LMA board will again be placing 30 buoys around this area that now are lighted and state NO-MOTOR ZONE.  Please do not travel through this area and encourage other motorists to stay away from this zone as we hope to rebuild The Prairie.


News & Events 9.24.17

Third Channel Dredging a Big Success for Manitou

August was a busy month for LMA.  Check out this video showcasing the dredging work your lake association just performed on the 3rd channel. An area that was nearly impassable is now easily accessed for 25+ homeowners.  Great success for Manitou!  Dredging Video

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Local News 8.31.17

After arrest, mother doubts her decision

For years, a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous and we will call The Driver, drove to and from work. She would load her three children in the car and take them to school before unlocking the doors to her business. In the evenings, she would lo...

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